Project 28 Update

Construction of the first four dwellings to be rolled out as part of Wolfdene’s ‘Project 28′ initiative with Blairlogie is progressing well!

 In just 4 short months we have seen amazing progress on the self-contained homes that will be home for four Australians living with a disability.

These dwellings will not only provide a cosy and safe home for our future residents, they will also help the parents and families who are struggling to keep up with the growing needs of their children living with a disability.

 Excavations for concrete landscaping has commenced, electrical fit out as begun, door hardware and tiling are installed and internal painting is complete.

 For more information about Project 28, click the link: http://wolfdene.com.au/wolfdene-community/wolfdene-roll-out-social-enterprise-model-with-blairlogie.

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