The Wolfdene way has been refined over 15 years and thousands of lots/dwellings.

Design Approach

Our key point of difference is that we manage acquisitions, development management and project marketing completely in-house. What this means for our clients is that the right hand always know what the left hand is doing.

This approach has seen us win multiple industry awards, and more importantly, regularly outperform our competitors.

Being at the forefront of innovation, our team thrives on collaboration.

Our Services

Wolfdene challenges the traditional approach to property development; if there is a chance to innovate, we take it. We interrogate every opportunity a site has to get to the best design and focus on how we can best serve the people who will live there.

Acquisitions & Off-market advice

With an established network that covers all sectors of the property industry, Wolfdene specialises in sourcing and securing on and off-market transactions in Melbourne and Perth’s burgeoning urban growth areas. We undertake robust feasibility analysis and programming to provide reliable acquisition advice to clients based on equity internal rates of return and profit forecasts.

Development Management

Each Wolfdene project is controlled by an experienced and dedicated Development Manager responsible for organising, delivering, tracking and reporting on every aspect of that project. From planning, urban design and associated advice, revenue forecasting, budget and cash flow management to procurement, construction, contract management and sales and settlement reporting.

Planning & Urban Design

Wolfdene interrogate every opportunity for the masterplan design to deliver the best experience for future residents. We engage, brief and manage industry best consultants to deliver to our overarching placemaking strategy. These designs form the backbone of major planning and funding documents for submissions to government, council and financiers and ultimately arm our Project Marketing division with the strongest sales proposition.

Architectural Design

We set the bar for medium density housing in the urban growth regions. Recognising the important role these homes play in contributing to the urban environment whilst providing an affordable product option, Wolfdene pioneered the use of quality, contemporary architectural designs that have been recognised through multiple industry awards from the UDIA & Australian Institute of Architects.

Project Marketing

A fully licensed real estate business, our Project Marketing division provides our development partners with access to years of intellectual property gathered across varying projects types and multiple cycles in the market. For each project, we create a unique brand identity and sales strategy that aligns with the financial needs of the project and gains traction and market share in what is usually a very competitive landscape. This approach has seen us regularly outperform our direct competitors, both in sales volumes and price escalations/revenues.

Customer Service

Wolfdene’s customer service team is driven by a single KPI: Settlement performance. From the moment a contract is signed at a Wolfdene project, each file is handled by an assigned customer service representative who walks the client through every step of the process between contract signing and settlement. These processes have been honed over thousands of sales to minimise settlement risk in any of the markets cyclical conditions.

Community Engagement

We strive to positively engage with the community through our Wolfdene Community program. We work with local council, schools, not-for-profit organisations and sporting clubs contribute to the areas in which we develop.