Wolfdene’s Brompton achieves top sustainability credentials

Last week Wolfdene was awarded EnviroDevelopment (ED) certification from the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) for its Brompton development located in Cranbourne South.  

UDIA’s ED program officially certifies projects of excellence and innovation in the areas of water, energy, ecosystems, community, materials and waste.

Described by the Chairman of the EnviroDevelopment Board, Professor Lyndsay Neilson as “a model for sustainable, compact and mixed-use neighbourhoods”, the ED certification is just another example of Wolfdene’s commitment to a holistic approach to sustainability and a desire to raise the bar in the quality of Australia’s urban development.

Wolfdene Director of Design, Karina Sunk was proud to receive the certification last week stating, “Brompton is the first of our projects that we have sought ED certification for and we are delighted to receive certification in all six sustainability elements.”

“Not only does a certification like ED set standards for sustainability initiatives to be delivered by the developer, residents can be assured that they will be living in a master planned community that minimises impacts on the environment, encourages an active and healthy lifestyle while enjoying lower energy and water costs.” said Karina.

When purchasers see the ED symbols on a development, they can be assured they are buying into a project that is excelling in that specific area of sustainability. 

For further information on ED certification or Brompton, please follow the links highlighted. 

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