Wolfdene Rolls Out Social Enterprise Model With Blairlogie

The Wolfdene Foundation has partnered with disability service provider Blairlogie to create a social enterprise model that will supply much needed local Specialist Disability Accommodation to the City of Casey.

Dubbed  ‘PROJECT 28′, the initiative aims to help close the gap of 28,000 dwellings Australia wide with 28 units by 2028.

Starting with the delivery of four independent dwellings in its ‘E>ST’ development in Cranbourne East, Wolfdene is providing seed capital, resources and fundraising support for the acquisition of land, planning, design and construction of the project.

“The current disability accommodation market is fragmented and underfunded, with limited choice of local living options close to family, friends and existing support networks,” said Blairlogie CEO, Carolyn Carr.

“There are thousands of Australians with disability who are forced to live in unsuitable homes because there are no alternatives. Often that means accommodation where people are segregated from the broader community.

“This includes those currently living at home with ageing parents, residing in hospitals and young people living in residential aged care facilities.

“We deal with parents on a daily basis who are wondering what is going to happen to their children once they’re gone. Parents in their 70’s and 80’s who have been the primary carers for their adult children suffering from a range of disabilities that require ongoing care,” said Carr.

As a major developer of land in Melbourne’s urban growth areas, Wolfdene created its charity arm to positively impact the areas in which they develop.

“We admire the positive role local organisations such as Blairlogie play in a strong community,” said Wolfdene Managing Director, Michael Goldthorp.

“We’ve also seen the impact the housing affordability issue is having on organisations outside of the standard residential property market.

“From our first meeting with Carolyn and her team, what really hit home was the challenge their clients and families faced when needing localised independent housing solutions.

“Somewhere they felt comfortable and supported in their own space, and close enough for their parents and friends to have easy and regular contact with them.

“There is an enormous shortfall of suitable housing for those needing disability accommodation, with wait lists as long a 10-20 years and no guarantee that allocated homes will be close to family and established social networks.

“Given Wolfdene is a developer of land and housing, we felt this was a natural fit for us to partner with Blairlogie to help them make a difference,” said Goldthorp.

Blairlogie has identified the four participants for phase one of the partnership, their individual needs have been factored into the design with construction officially underway and due for completion in early 2020.

Key donors and project partners include Blueways, Lojac, Swan Plumbing Supplies, Arcadia Built and the Mayor’s Walk for Disability.


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