Wolfdene Partners with Cranbourne West Primary in HPV Program

Wolfdene is excited to announce its partnership with Cranbourne West Primary School (CWPS) and their Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) program. 

Wolfdene will help fund the HPV program at CWPS by providing them with a new vehicle, uniforms and other assistance throughout the year.

There is a series of annual events in Victoria, comprising five race meetings plus the major statewide event – the RACV Energy Breakthrough – at the end of the year.

Schools from all over Victoria enter, however the CWPS equipment is battered, outdated and no longer meets the safety requirements. The upgraded HPV will provide the CWPS team with their best opportunity yet to translate their hard work into performance.

The HPV program is designed to teach students about sustainability. Children learn about how their choices affect the environment and what they can do to be more environmentally friendly. For these children in particular, developing resilience, finding reasons to engage with school and having aspirations for success are of vital importance.

Teachers highlight that many students who previously had low attendance rates and poor engagement with educational programs, developed enhanced enthusiasm for learning through their involvement with the HPV program.

* New Wolfdene sponsored HPV vehicle will be similar to that of the black vehicle shown in images 

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