Wolfdene Kids’ Easter Egg Hunt 2016

Despite challenging weather conditions on Friday evening, Saratoga’s Main Park in Point Cook played host to Wolfdene’s annual Kids’ Easter Egg Hunt and community event.

More than 150 Saratoga residents, along with the wider Point Cook community, braved the gusty winds to participate in the activities, which included a Kids’ Easter Egg Hunt and food by Mr Burger, the Snag Society and movie style popcorn.

Councillor Bob Fairclough, who was one of the council members present, was impressed with the crowd’s enthusiasm for the event. 

“It is great to see such a crowd in attendance, events [such as this] are very important as they bring people out and encourage community,” he said. 

“As a Councillor in this area, and Mayor a few years ago, this is something I’ve been really keen on – seeing people engaged and working together, sharing not only problems but fun times as well.” 

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