Wolfdene helps power Cranbourne West students’ quest

Wolfdene has got behind the students at Cranbourne West Primary School and their Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) program.

HPVs are low-slung or recumbent trikes and the races in which they compete have become enormously popular for primary and secondary school groups.

The races, staged around a 1.4 km circuit, pit teams against one another and also the clock. Often the strongest competition comes from teams competing against their own records to see how much farther and faster they can go using their own collective muscle strength and fitness.

Wolfdene has provided funding for a brand new HPV for Cranbourne West, along with new uniforms for the team.

General Manager of Wolfdene Community Engagement, Eivion Bowen, said the HPV program was great one to support. 

“Wolfdene is delighted to get behind the HPV program at Cranbourne West Primary,” he said.

“The program provides so much upside and strengthens a range of attributes such as fitness, teamwork, decision making and persistence. 

“Children also learn about sustainability and the program offers additional or alternative reasons for kids to engage with school. 

“Having aspirations for success are hugely important and the provision of a brand new HPV will allow the ‘Cranbourne West Wolves’ (as they team will be known) to step up the pace and see how far their drive and efforts can take them.”

Brad Campbell, one of the teachers behind the Cranbourne West Primary HPV program, welcomed Wolfdene’s support.

“We’ve been running the HPV program for a number of years and long had faith in what it provides students both on the track and in the classroom,” he said. 

“Many kids develop enhanced enthusiasm for learning through their involvement in the program and the provision of a new HPV will give everyone a massive boost.

“Our current HPV has been well-loved but it’s tired, pretty dilapidated and not overly quick. The upgraded model is a significant improvement and will allow our students to compete on a level playing field and really challenge themselves in how fast they can get it to go. We’re really grateful for the support provided by Wolfdene.”

There are a number of HPV events held throughout the year, culminating with the RACV Energy Breakthrough held on 17-20 November in Maryborough. The Cranbourne West Wolves will be one of more than 350 teams to compete at this event, with around 100 teams in their category.

The Cranbourne West HPV team were presented with their new uniforms by Wolfdene representatives at an assembly today.

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