The Wolfdene Foundation

Our Vision:

Every child has the right to be the best they can be. The Wolfdene Foundation is a charitable organisation which aims to provide primary school children with the tools and support they need in order to thrive in everyday life. Assisting these children to do well in their journeys delivers long-term benefits to them, their families and the community as a whole.


The Wolfdene Foundation concept was created after extensive research was undertaken into issues faced by local councils and communities where Wolfdene is present. Common themes included generational poverty, unemployment, family violence and isolation. Each of these major social issues contributes to children and adolescents becoming increasingly disengaged from their schools and community as a whole, and creating a prevalent cycle.


To help counter these issues, the Wolfdene Foundation delivers physically and emotionally engaging programs to primary school children. These are designed to develop positive traits such as resilience, confidence, empathy and respect. By enhancing these areas, we are providing children with coping skills that will help buffer them against circumstantial challenges and aid in the prevention of further social issues in years to come. The Wolfdene Foundation provides funding for programs to be delivered by existing providers, as well as managing select programs ourselves.


Funds raised by the Wolfdene Foundation go towards programs designed to strengthen kids and help them thrive. We are currently completing the necessary requirements for the Wolfdene Foundation to be an officially recognised not-for-profit organisation (with deductible gift registry status). While we are already activating charitable activities, we expect to achieve official recognition in the coming weeks.