Taylors Run Construction Update May 2022

With the first half of 2022 nearly behind us, our first settlements at Taylors Run are just over the horizon.

Inclement weather has unfortunately delayed the installation of topsoiling and wearing asphalt, however that is all that remains to be completed before practical completion is achieved for Stage 1. Following PC, we expect to see our first group of purchasers settle on their blocks in late June – early July.

Our stage 2 purchasers are eagerly following one week behind stage 1, with settlements due mid July.

The constructions teams onsite have completed base asphalt and electrical works for stage 3 and are currently installing fibre provisions with concreting, topsoiling, wearing course to follow in time for PC end of June.

Stage 4 drainage, water and gas works are complete and excavation for the road installation with subgrade works are now underway. We expect to receive titles in mid September.

Stages 5, 5A and 6 have all begun construction and are anticipating titles and settlements for the very end of 2022 rolling into 2023.

The civil workers onsite have been working hard to meet the forecasted deadlines, knowing that purchasers have been eager to begin their builds as soon as possible. Wolfdene and Blueways commend their efficiency and hard work and are very excited to see the vision that is Taylors Run be brought to life very soon.

Images and video captured from drone footage of Taylors Run in April 2022

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