Everybody Needs Good Neighbours!

With stages 1-3 now titled and the first homes starting to go up, this was a great opportunity to capitalise on an exciting milestone in the projects history by welcoming our Stage 1-5 purchasers to Brompton for our very first Meet Your Neighbours event.

It was a hot day with the temperature nudging 35 degrees, but despite the conditions more than 100 people joined us to mingle with their future neighbours and get a feel for what the community spirit will be when they’re all living together at Brompton.

Children were kept entertained by the friendly animals from the Peninsula Travelling Animal Farm and Cirque Mystique balloonist, Imogen.

 It was exciting to hear the chatter among our guests around lot numbers, street names, schools, home designs and landscaping ideas.

 We look forward to seeing their visions for a great community come to life!


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