CWPS Imax Excursion

The students of CWPS had another fantastic excursion for 2019, visiting the IMAX theatre at Melbourne Museum.

The term focus was natural disasters from around the world, to integrate with this, the excursion was arranged for year 5 and 6 students to learn more on the topic in a unique and engaging way.

From the bus ride to the viewing of ‘Extreme Weather and Forces of Nature’, the kids had plenty of laughs and learnt a lot! 

The day provided plenty of sunshine for the students as they sat outside and chatted eagerly amongst one another at lunchtime.

After the excursion, Wolfdene was lucky enough to receive some cards from the students, expressing their gratitude for the experience, complete with very neat handwriting and even some brilliant illustrations!

Wolfdene looks forward to supporting more exciting CWPS excursions in the future!

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