Brompton Construction Update July 2020

The Brompton community would like to thank all the tradies in Victoria who continue to front up to work every day and keep the economy ticking over.

While we face these unprecedent and uncertain times, something that remains constant is the construction on the Brompton Estate.

We are thrilled to share our latest construction update on the Brompton Community. The estate is currently buzzing with activity as our team continues to make great progress bringing this project to life.  


Stage 13:

Civil works have now been completed with practical completed achieved in June.

Stage 9A:

Final concrete works are progressing with practical completion forecast for the end of July.

Stage 16:

Road boxing has now been complete with sewer works officially underway.

Main Park:

Construction of the Stage 7 park is progressing well, with play equipment and shelter install underway. Completion is forecast for Q4 2020


Brompton’s main wetland is forecast for competition this month, with all aquatic planning now complete.

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