Brompton Community Activities – Meet your Neighbour

At Brompton, we host a range of fun, family-friendly and healthy activities from our Community Pavilion and Cafe. These activities are FREE, open to all and are designed specially to foster connectivity. 

To date, we have run several programs including Group Fitness, Boxing (for fitness), Yoga and Cooking classes. These activities attract a range of participants from all over Cranbourne and its surrounds. Here is what Taryn, a land purchaser at Brompton, had to say about her experience so far:

* Name: Taryn

* Age: 24

* Household demographic: Myself and my partner 

* Occupation: Primary School Teacher.

* What Activities have you participated in so far? Sadly I was unable to participate in the yoga and other weekend activities, however, I have been a part of the fitness training/boot camp since it began.

* Have you enjoyed the Brompton Community Activities so far? The activities so far have been very enjoyable to participate in.

* How have the classes impacted your health/ wellbeing/ happiness? This class has been fantastic as Dave (the Group Fitness and Boxing Trainer) will cater the activities based on your ability. He mixes up the activities each week which ensures it doesn’t get boring and to keep it challenging. It has been really great to see improvements in my own fitness which makes me want to continue.

* Who are the people you have met while participating in the community activities? I have met quite a few people from the estate through these activities which has been great. There are people in the same situation as myself who are first home buyers, those with families and people who are looking at downsizing. It is always great looking to see where everyone’s blocks are and how close we will be when Brompton is established!

* What would you like to see happen next with the community activities? There has been such a great start to these community activities, it would be nice to see some more variety coming soon. It would also be nice to perhaps see some school holiday activities for children. 

* What has been your favourite thing about the community activities? My favourite thing about the community activities is that not only is it a chance to meet other people who will be living in the estate but as I am now saving for a house it is so great to be able to do these activities without making a dent in my savings! 

* How do these activities make you feel about Brompton as a future place to live? These activities make me hopeful that Brompton will be a place with a continued emphasis on community and with facilities and grounds that allow these activities to continue.

For more information on how to get involved with Brompton’s Community Activities please contact our Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Hannah Parker, here.

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