A Weekend of Winners

A successful weekend for both VFL and VFLW teams in week 12; each bringing home the win. The newly started women’s side has shown great promise, with Josh Mahoney (General manager) stating that the team at Casey is “committed to developing the best program that they can for the girls, providing quality coaching, support staff and facilities at Casey Fields.”

Coming off their second season, AFLW players Bianca Jakobsson and Jasmine Grierson are just two familiar names who’ve made great additions to the team. The surrounding players appear motivated to play at their best, increasing their skill levels consistently, in the hopes of one day being drafted.

On the men’s team, this same motivation is clearly present, with the team continuing to climb the ladder, currently sitting at 2nd place amongst a total 15 teams.

We wish both VFL and VFLW teams the best of luck for the remainder of the season – we are confident it will be a great one!

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