Wolfdene strives to positively engage with the community through our Wolfdene Community program.

We run a calendar of events to enable residents and visitors to meet some of their neighbours, experience something new and enjoy their surroundings. It’s also an opportunity for us to come along, get to know people and chat about how we can make their neighbourhoods better.

In 2019, we’re working with local council and not-for-profit organisations to expand our investment in the community even wider to help address a range of key social issues.


CWPS Imax Excursion

The students of CWPS had another fantastic excursion for 2019, visiting the IMAX theatre at Melbourne Museum.

The term focus was natural disasters from around the world, to integrate with this, the excursion was arranged for year 5 and 6 students to learn more on the topic in a unique and engaging way.

From the bus ride to the viewing of ‘Extreme Weather and Forces of Nature’, the kids had plenty of laughs and learnt a lot! 

The day provided plenty of sunshine for the students as they sat outside and chatted eagerly amongst one another at lunchtime.

After the excursion, Wolfdene was lucky enough to receive some cards from the students, expressing their gratitude for the experience, complete with very neat handwriting and even some brilliant illustrations!

Wolfdene looks forward to supporting more exciting CWPS excursions in the future!



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E>ST Park Opening


Saturday 4th May saw the E>ST residents gather for the official opening of their outdoor park.

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Brompton Easter Egg Hunt


Saturday 13th April saw over 200 future Brompton residents gather to begin celebrating Easter in their new community. 

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CWPS Water Safety Program 2019


Wolfdene recently supported Cranbourne West Primary’s swimming lessons for Grade 1 and 2 students at Casey RACE sponsored.

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CWPS Plays It Safe in the Water


In February, Wolfdene sponsored Cranbourne West Primary School’s water safety excursion at Bonbeach.

Run by Life Saving Victoria, the Multicultural Beach Program was a great way to educate students on life saving techniques and water safety messages.

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Everybody Needs Good Neighbours!


With stages 1-3 now titled and the first homes starting to go up, this was a great opportunity to capitalise on an exciting milestone in the projects history by welcoming our Stage 1-5 purchasers to Brompton for our very first Meet Your Neighbours event.

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CWPS City Camp


Between February 27th and March 1st, the students of Cranbourne West Primary School had the opportunity to independently make their way around the exciting city of Melbourne. 

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