Wolfdene strives to positively engage with the community through our Wolfdene Community program.

We run a calendar of events to enable residents and visitors to meet some of their neighbours, experience something new and enjoy their surroundings. It’s also an opportunity for us to come along, get to know people and chat about how we can make their neighbourhoods better.

In 2017, we’re working with local council and not-for-profit organisations to expand our investment in the community even wider to help address a range of key social issues.


Yoga proves positive for Wolfdene Community Schools

As part of Wolfdene Community, the tea, have been visiting local schools and delivering programs that aim to actively strengthen children's physical and emotional wellbeing. As part of this, we have been running several yoga classes within schools located on the urban fringe. 

To date teachers have reported that these yoga classes have encouraged and enhanced protective factors for participants, including age-appropriate impulse control, self regulation, calmness and has been particularly useful for those children experiencing difficulties in managing their behaviour, concentration, focus and attention. 

Here’s what some of the students had to say about the programs:

“Breathing gave me energy.”

“I liked stretching.”

“Yoga made me relax and I can be calm.”

“I enjoyed it very much, it made me feel good.”

If there is a school that you know that may be interested in this program, or any other program run by Wolfdene Community, please contact Hannah Parker here



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